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Tower International Body Structures

Body Structures

A Leader in Vehicle Body Structures

World-class performance requires world-class components. At Tower International, we engineer body structures that enable a vehicle to become more than the sum of its parts. Through a longstanding tradition of engineering ingenuity and innovation, Tower is proud to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of upper body structures.


Improved Performance, Reduced Weight, and Lower Costs: The Keys to Automotive Engineering Excellence

With every new project, Tower begins with a comprehensive assessment of how we can design a component that is highly functional, lightweight, and economical. With a deep-seated drive for innovation, we never settle for the status quo. We pride ourselves in our ability to improve upon existing designs to improve the manufacturability of the products.

tower international body structure cad drawing

Cutting-Edge Technologies with Time-Honored Engineering Practices

Tower International has a track record of achieving program targets with tight turnarounds. To meet our customer’s objectives and assist in timely launches, we conduct simultaneous product and process engineering. By bringing together product, tool and die, stamping, welding, and CAE experts to collaborate, we’re able to deliver outstanding results despite demanding time frames. Furthermore, we employ rigorous physical testing and prototyping to guarantee safety, compatibility, and performance in our designs.


We Bring Structure to the Automotive Industry

We recognize our customers require innovative solutions. That’s why we employ the brightest minds in automotive engineering and utilize next-generation engineering technologies. Through our ceaseless dedication to excellence, Tower has become a leader in the manufacturing of structural metal components and assemblies.

audi q7 part from tower international
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